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Neil Fane- Creating a Winning Mindset Through Career Nexus

written by Tiffany Rae Johnson

Neil Fane, Career Nexus Marketing Coordinator, recently completed a two week soft skills program at The Gladiator Welding Program. He introduced to the students a wide range of “interpersonal traits”. The traits include how to handle oneself in the workplace, practice self control in uncomfortable situations, and utilize healthy decision making.

These concepts have the ability to strengthen an individual’s inner development. “Good communication” and mastering “resilience” are at the root of maintaining “positive outlooks” for mental, emotional, and behavioral health. When individuals are placed in a new environment, a positive outlook has the power to determine the course of the day. Neil addresses the importance of this kind of training, "Folks do not really think about how essential these traits are on a daily basis.”

Soft skills training is growing in popularity amongst nonprofit organizations in the Central Valley. The Gladiator Welding Program has immersed their cohorts with the training offered by Career Nexus. These everyday skills are highly beneficial at the time of job placement. Neil shares, “In preparation for an interview, we teach how to function outside of a skill. For example, maintaining eye contact, good hygiene, organization skills, and researching the company applied for.”

After the two week training is completed, Career Nexus wants their students to leave with a sense of “social equity.” Neil explains, “We want our students to become an outlet within the workplace for others. It is important to be able to teach someone else to do what you do, on the spot. Be the person that can answer questions, an additional source of help.” This quality builds a notable “reputation” in the work environment, and “ultimately leads to success, as they develop a winning mindset.”

The partnership between Gladiator Welding and Career Nexus is the first of its kind. Leading by example, their partnership is paving the way out of poverty in the Central Valley. For more information on partnering with Career Nexus go to

About the Author

Tiffany Rae Johnson was born in 1997, in Fresno, California. She has a passion for boxing. Once a competitor, she now enjoys coaching upcoming talent in the Central Valley. She also enjoys traveling and painting. She thrives on spontaneous adventures and creative ways of viewing her surroundings.

She is a graduate of Clovis Community College, where she received her Associate’s Degree in Kinesiology. After a change in career path, she is now a senior at Fresno State University, where she is receiving her B.A. in Mass Communication and Journalism in December 2022. She has experience as an SCCCD Public Relations/Marketing, Fresno State Athletics Strategic Communications/Digital Media, and CMAC TV Community Media intern.

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