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Manuel Marin- Setting a Precedent for The Gladiator Welding Program

written by Tiffany Rae Johnson

Manuel Marian, age 19, started his welding journey during his freshman year at Washington Union High School. He is the Gladiator Welding Program's first participant applying straight out of high school. Manuel considers himself to be “very fortunate” to have this opportunity. It is “convenient” for him, due to the fact that Washington Union Highschool is hosting the Gladiator Welding Program.

The knowledge he obtained prior to the program was “good preparation and laid the foundation.” Since then, there has been a change in his welding, “It’s different from high school… now, I know there are multiple ways to weld.” As he learns new methods, he gets “more tools to use.”

Manuel is leaning towards a MIG welding career path. MIG is a type of weld that combines a MIG welding gun, wire feed, and a gas line. This area of welding goes hand in hand with an electrician's field of work. Some might shy away from this type of weld, although for Manuel, this is where he produces some of his “best work.”

During the last few months, he’s learned the importance of building relationships. “The people here are always encouraging me to do better… the instructors actually pay attention to us.” There is a great appreciation for the people he’s met through Gladiator Welding, “Everyone has their own style. I’ve seen so many here.”

Moving forward, Manuel keeps his parents in the back of his mind. His father comes from an arc welding background, specializing in heavy machinery. “My parents have never stopped pushing me to be the best that I can, they are my source of encouragement.” He has well-rounded expectations for himself, “I’d like to work for an established company, retire, then maybe open up my own welding business.” Manuel’s positive outlook for his future, sets a precedent for those around him to follow.

About the Author

Tiffany Rae Johnson was born in 1997, in Fresno, California. She has a passion for boxing. Once a competitor, she now enjoys coaching upcoming talent in the Central Valley. She also enjoys traveling and painting. She thrives on spontaneous adventures and creative ways of viewing her surroundings.

She is a graduate of Clovis Community College, where she received her Associate’s Degree in Kinesiology. After a change in career path, she is now a senior at Fresno State University, where she is receiving her B.A. in Mass Communication and Journalism in December 2022. She has experience as an SCCCD Public Relations/Marketing, Fresno State Athletics Strategic Communications/Digital Media, and CMAC TV Community Media intern.

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