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The Gladiator Program partners with governmental, community and industry organizations to ensure that our program delivers the best possible support for our students and instructors

City of Fresno EDD.jpg
City of Fresno EDD.jpg

The Gladiator Program is made possible through the collaboration of several key community partners and stakeholders.

Our employer partners are a critical part of the success of the Gladiator Welding Program. Representatives from these companies sit on the Gladiator Program Advisory Committee to ensure that the program is delivering adequate training to prepare our students for careers in the welding industry. Additionally, our employer partners facilitate site visits at their companies to help expose our students to local industry and facilitate their transition into the workforce. 

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The Gladiator Welding Program is made possible by generous support from our sponsors! If you are interested in supporting the Gladiator Program through a sponsorship, please contact All donations are tax deductible! 

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